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Bike #1: 1976 H-D 1200 FLH

Paul Bunting

About this bike: "I've added Andrews A grind cam and S&S Super E carb. I've completely gone through the bike, all the way down to swingarm bearings and steering neck bearings. All work is done by me, including paint."

Bike #2: 1963 FLH Pan/Shovel

Andy DeDad

Andy has had this bike over 35 years and it's his bar hopper.  He took what was originally a black and white 1963 FLH Panhead police bike and put shovelheads heads on it.  "This is the 3rd restoration: paint job, new carb, rebuilt original 4speed trans. and kicker, clutches, front brake went to a rotor (still has drum rear brakes), points, shocks, tires. I win or not it’s my choice of Best Bike ever."

Bike #3: 1981 H-D FXB Sturgis

Paul Bunting

The FXB Sturgis was a special Edition created by Willie G. after being inspired during a visit to the Sturgis rally. The "B" in the "FXB Sturgis" denotes the introduction of the modern belt drive. It has a factory primary belt drive, as well as final belt drive. The Sturgis model was iconic enough that when H-D decided to introduce the Dyna models in 1991 the first model was a re-boot of this Sturgis model.  Paul has pretty much restored this beauty to the way it was produced right down to the often discarded “ham can” air cleaner.

Bike #4: 1917 H-D Model J

Paul Canter

"My Uncle DeSales bought it new, then my father bought it from his brother and now I own it! My parents courted (dated) on the motorcycle! The bike sat in our tobacco barn for 64 years. I took the bike out of the barn, hooked up a battery, gas, and two car coils. I kicked it three times and it started." Pictures include his father on the bike in 1922, when it was started again, a professional picture by Danny Douglas Photography, and a picture of a joyride when he won the inaugural AAHD Antique bike show in 2018! 

Bike #5: 1949 H-D FL "8-Ball"

Bobby Ross

Bobby has had this bike as a regular rider for decades with a few different paint jobs over the years. The current setup is the 1949 wishbone frame, drum rear brake, 4-speed kicker transmission, and Pan lower end paired with a 1977 Shovel top end, 1977 dual-disc front end, open belt primary, coffin oil tank, and oil pressure gauge.

Bike #6: 1979 H-D Sportster

James Everett

"Blood, sweat, tears, and beers! Basket case when given to me by my late brother-in-law over 20 years ago. I started the rebuild 10 years ago after my divorce. Many late nights in the living room rebuilding from the ground up. All work is done by me including the paint job. Thanks for looking!"



"This bike is from the AMF era when the employee buyout was happening.  They had made it appear more Japanese by putting the oil tank access under the seat.  I kept the tank as I found it which was cobbled so the dipstick was accessible."


Bike #8: 1957 H-D FLH Hydra-glide

Ron Notter

"I built this 1957 FLH Hydra-glide from a basket case. It has new paint with matching numbers (motor and frame) and mostly original HD parts." Fun fact: Elvis Presly also had a 1957 FLH!



Bike #9: 1966 Honda CB450KO Black Bomber

Rick Maron

"The 1966 Honda CB450, KO, Black Bomber was my first bike that in 1968 I converted to a café racer while in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany (last pic in slideshow). Had lots of fun with it and when I left sold it to another GI for $500.00. I was very happy to find another 66 Black Bomber that now looks and runs like new. Not as fast as my Street Glide but brings back a lot of memories."

Bike #10: 1966 Honda CB160 Cafe Racer

Koby Maron

"My 1966 Honda CB160 was found in a Delaware barn and
brought back to life last year, both mechanically and in appearance as a café racer. I started out with vintage Rupp and Taco mini-bikes but this is my first motorcycle that I hope to keep and enjoy for many years (note: Koby is 16!). The CB160 hit showrooms in 1965 about six years after Honda began exporting motorcycles to the U.S. and back in the mid-1960’s a lot of high school kids enjoyed these bikes."  Last pic is before restoration.

Bike #11: 1946 Indian Chief

Mark Wenner

"My friend Roddy Newland worked on this project over 15 years to make it 'correct.'
It is too subtle and understated for my usual approach and after I bought it I had to get everything functioning and change a lot of details. Everything is working beautifully now but I am thinking of selling it to pay for the next project. May bring to the Upperco Meet with asking price of $32K."

Bike #12: 1947 H-D FL

Ray Torres

"Im the second owner of this 1947 Knucklehead. It was restored in 2001 after over 30 years after. Bike has over 75% of original parts and still running strong." 1947 was the last year for HDs ground breaking Knucklehead motor.

Bike 13#: 1975 H-D Electra Glide 1200

David Pierce

David didn't send many pics or tell us much about his AMF era Electra Glide, but he's a second-generation owner and it has 40000 original miles!

Bike#14: 1974 H-D FL

Chaz Pugliese

"I got this bike in 2009 on a trade for a jet boat I was selling." Although it looks like a Wide Glide of FX it’s actually a 1974 FL
Shovelhead that was a basket-case brought back to life this way. Drum brakes front and back and a kicker give it that vintage feel, as does the hand-painted and signed pinstriping and the original California blue tag.

Bike #15: 1974 H-D FLH Electra Glide

Rudy Herceg

"This is one clean FLH! A true survivor! It's all original except for the carb (and he still has the original). Even the 8 track still works! It is for sale with a clean title."  It's owned by an H-D master mechanic so you know it's well maintained.

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